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Four Things To Keep In Mind When Raising A Dog

Four Things To Keep In Mind When Raising A Dog

  • Brave Pal

    Nowadays, many people keep several pets in their families, and cats and dogs have become the most choices for a lot of people when choosing pets. Although there are indeed lots of types of pets in contact with them now, not everyone is very good at raising cats and dogs. Especially in some details, if you do not do well enough, pets are likely to have some rifts with you, so we must pay attention to some details between pet dogs, so that we can make each other relationship becomes more intimate. Here are four things to keep in mind when raising a dog at the first time.

    The first is the use of dog cages and kennels, because pets and people maintain very similar routines. The doghouse and the dog cage are originally a place where they should rest, so that they can have a very comfortable relaxation experience when they are tired. When the owner prepares a dog cage or kennel for his dog, he also wants the pet to rest in it, but some people may be very angry because of some actions of the dog in the process of getting along with the dog. At the same time, they will be placed in the dog cage to close the confinement.In fact, this kind of action will also hurt the pet's heart, because you have turned its home into a reflex that will make it resist. If you do this, it is very likely that the dog itself will not like its own home. Forcing it to stay in the cage for a long time will also have a certain impact on the dog's personality, and the relationship between you and your pet will become alienated.

    Another point is that in the process of educating pets, many people may not have so much patience. In the process of disciplining dogs, once there is a situation that they do not obey their own orders, they will scold loudly, or even Beat it, although it is said that dogs are very loyal to people, it may also have a psychological impact after beating and scolding. Because the dog is very intelligent, its own memory is also very deep. If you really do something wrong, once you hit it, it may cause very serious damage to its body. After a long time, it will think that you don't like it and will hold grudges in its heart. This kind of relationship is also very dangerous. Because it will affect the dog's character, even if the owner who raises himself treats him with this attitude, then the pet will naturally think that you don't like it, and after a long time, he won't like you either.

   The other is to bathe your pets frequently, and the smell on the dog can be said to be a kind of body odor. It is different from the taste of human body, and it is more intense than the taste of human body. And this kind of thing is very normal, so don't think that the dog has a very serious smell and it needs a bath. Under normal circumstances, it is enough to wash three or four times a month. If you bathe your dog frequently, it will cause damage to its skin. Although the hair looks relatively clean, under natural conditions, dogs should not be bathed so frequently.

  What's more, don't force the dog to eat some leftovers. In the process of raising dogs, many people give the dog their own leftover food, thinking that this is not wasteful, and can help the dog grow up, but the dog is actually and human food is different, and the most scientific thing is to let dogs eat those formulated foods. If you always follow your own ideas to your pets, and often let the dog eat leftovers, it will have a certain impact on the body. After forming a habit, it may no longer accept dog food, and there will be resistance in the heart. And once such a habit is formed, it will become even more dislike of you.

  It can be seen that in the process of raising a dog, you also need to pay attention to a lot of details. After all, if you want to maintain a relatively reliable relationship, you must not only spend time, but also pay attention to details.