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How to feed your puppy

How to feed your puppy

  • Brave Pal

    Puppies are like little babies, they need rich nutrition and protein in order to grow up healthily from a young age. So, when you've just brought a puppy home, it's important to help your puppy develop good eating habits. The puppy's menu must be balanced and rich in nutrition, including dry and wet dog food, and from time to time, buy dog treats for the puppy. If you want to change things up, you can also make your own dog food for the puppy.

Method 1: Let The Puppy Familiar With The Food You Prepare

    For the first four weeks, feed the puppy first. Breast milk contains nutrients that make the puppy grow up healthy and strong, so the puppy should be breastfed in the first month after the puppy is born. If the puppy is having trouble feeding, help the puppy put its mouth on the mother dog's nipple.

  • If you wean your puppy prematurely, puppy's health suffers, and even as he/she gets older, he/she's more likely to get sick.
  • If the mother dog's milk is insufficient, you can buy milk powder instead. Start feeding your dog food after four weeks.

     After four weeks, start giving your puppy a small amount of dog food. Puppies will start eating dog food when the time is right, usually around a month old. Feed your puppy dry dog food little by little to allow him to get used to it. Put a small amount of dry dog food in a small bowl. You can also pour some milk into the bowl to make the food softer and the puppy to adjust better.

    It's best to always buy one brand of dog food for your puppy from the start. If your puppy is already eating one brand of dog food before you bring it home, it's best not to switch brands right away. It can be difficult for puppies to adjust to the taste and texture of the new brand. You can change it little by little to give your puppy time to get used to it, which will prevent your puppy from getting sick or anorexia due to changing brands.

Method 2: Create A Feeding Schedule

    Feed your puppy at a set time every day. Puppies, like small babies, like to eat regularly at the same time. This will give them a sense of security and will also help you train your puppy at home, since puppy needs to rely on a relatively fixed schedule. So try not to let the puppy empty, because at a fixed time every day, the puppy will know that it is time to eat.

  • Try to feed your puppy once in the morning before work, then once at lunch and once at dinner.
  • If it is a medium or large dog, remember to remove the food after the meal time.
  • If you are not at home during the day, you need to think of another way to feed the puppy. You can come back at noon or ask someone to feed you once.

    Feed the puppy three times a day for six months. To grow healthily, puppies need a steady intake of nutrients. If you don't feed enough, the puppy will be weak. For puppies over 6 months old, feed them once or twice a day. The same goes for adult dogs.

    When feeding, be sure to feed water at the same time. Puppies cannot be dehydrated. Fresh water can be given at any time, and there is no need to stick to a fixed time. Remember to change the water and wash dishes every day.

   Give your puppy some space before and after eating. Puppies need to adjust to a comfortable and safe eating environment. So when it eats, don't touch him/her. If you keep interrupting your puppy's feeding, it will make him irritable.

Method 3: Choose The Right Dog Food

    Dry dog food. Dry dog food is low in water, low in fat and high in nutrients, meeting the health needs of puppies. Although people tend not to like to feed puppies dry dog food, they always feel that puppies may not taste good, but it actually tastes good for dogs. Compared with humans, puppies have different needs and different taste buds, so the most important thing for puppies is to grow up healthily.

   Also consider feeding your puppy wet or semi-dry dog food. This kind of dog food is packaged in bags or cans, which can also diversify the puppy's diet. However, this dog food is mainly composed of water, so it is not rich in nutrients. Therefore, the main thing is to feed dry dog food and less wet dog food.

  You can also make your own dog food. If you want to make sure your dog's diet contains only healthy nutrients, you can cook your own food for your dog. Although this method is more time consuming, it is also more interesting. To ensure healthy food, it is important to choose the right proportions of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals.

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